Serena is completely killing everything in this doubles match! The Queen has returned! The game has clicked! Please stay for the rest of the US Open! Oh yeah & the score is 6-1, 5-0.


strayxxheart I was looking for it to rewatch it & I can’t find it. I’ll let you know if I do find it.


Cute on-court interview! Yes, finally made the quarters this yr! .LOL.

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Did y’all see Kevin Spacey sitting in Serena’s players box?


I kinda fangirled a bit.

Yes, god damn! As soon as I saw him, I was thinking of his HoC character. Him and Serena got that *intense* look down packed. .LOL.

Great hold, Vee! Just break and keep your serve!

Wow, pull it together, Venus; this is unacceptable!

20 EUs in the 1st set??? Nope! Got to do better.

Venus, what’s goin’ on? Get it together, please.


I know a few of y’all know where I can see that doubles match (Venus & Serena) again? One thing I hate about the US Open, they shut everyone down from posting clips on youtube.

Yup! ESPN 360! espn*go*com|watchespn|index|_|sport|tennis|type| replay|#type|replay| 

* = .

| = /